1. The club shall be called ‘The NELSON FIELD TARGET CLUB’ and this title is to be adhered to. The Club shall have a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and other Members, all Officers shall be fully paid up or life members of the club.

2. The Club committee shall consist of the Officers of the Club and Members. A committee meeting may be called at the request of any Officer or any other two Members of the Committee on seven days verbal or written notice. All Officers and Committee shall hold office for one year, and be elected annually at the A.G.M.

3. The annual subscription shall be £50 full and £25 juniors (under 17 years of age on date of renewal), and can be subject to amendment at the A.G.M.

4. All members shall hold such licences and certificates as are required by current legislation to enable them lawfully to engage in the sport of Field Target Shooting.

5. No person shall be allowed to participate in any Club shooting activities unless he/she be a fully paid up member or unless he/she be an Official or occasional guest of the Club, fully approved by both Chairman and Secretary, subject to full details of the guest being recorded contemporaneously at the time.

6. Every member and officer of the Club shall carry a current signed BFTA (British Field Target) Membership Card, which must be produced on demand of any Club Officer or Land Owner, or any other authorised person.

7. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall a member pass beyond the limits over which the Club has permission to shoot, except with the previous consent of the adjoining occupier, in any such case the member’s gun shall be kept within the boundaries of the land over which the club has permission to shoot at all times.

8. The Committee’s ruling shall be final in all respects to the administration of the Club, and the Committee may make rules from time to time for the use of the Club’s rights and property.

9. The Committee shall on proof to it’s satisfaction and in its absolute discretion have the power to refuse Membership, or to terminate existing Membership of any person whose conduct (whether by act or omission) it considers to be contrary to the best interests of the Club, or in detriment to the sport of shooting.

 The Member concerned should be given the opportunity to appear before the Committee to explain any alleged misconduct.

10. The Chairman or Secretary shall have the right to call a Special General Meeting on seven days notice, stating the purpose of such an S.G.M. also the Secretary, upon receipt of a written request signed by six members shall call an S.G.M. on seven days notice. Any such request is to state the reason for a Special meeting to be called.

11. The Annual General Meeting shall be held between the 1st and 31st January any amendments to the Club Constitution and Rules can be made at this meeting,or an S.G.M. The Treasurer shall provide his yearly account duly examined to the members at this meeting. Notice shall be given to the members at least 14 days prior to the A.G.M. .

12. `The Treasurer shall pay all moneys into the current banking account in the name of the Club and all Cheques drawn on such shall be signed by the Treasurer and a Member of the Club appointed by the Committee.

13. It is the object of the Club to promote the sport of Field Target Shooting and Hunter Field Target Shooting in a safe and civilised manner.The Club is for the sole purpose of Target Shooting only and THE SHOOTING OF LIVE QUARRY while taking part in any Club activity is BANNED.

14. The NELSON Field Target Club shall hold no responsibility for any accident or mishap committed by any member or visitor in contravention of any of the Club Rules.

15. The NELSON Field Target Club shall hold no responsibility for any Air Rifle being over the 12 ft/lb legal limit. It will be the responsibility of the owner to ensure that any Rifle used at the Club has a muzzle energy that complies with this limit. Likewise any Pistol should not exceed the 6 ft/lb legal limit.

16. All Members must ensure that their Rifles/Pistols are in serviceable condition, the Club will hold no responsibility for any accident caused by weapons in a dangerous state.

17. In the case of Junior Members under the age of 14 years, they must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult over the age of 21 years.

18. Rifles will not be cocked, or have a pellet in the breech at any time other than when actually on the firing point and in position to fire, either on range targets or the plinking range.  In the case of Magazine Rifles, all pellets still in the Rifle must be in the magazine and the magazine removed where possible, none in the breech, and the Rifle uncocked.

21. Should any target need attention during the course shooting, ONE blast of a whistle must be given and shooting must stop immediately, before anyone goes to attend to the offending target, on completion of attention given to the target and on return to the firing point, TWO blasts on the whistle will be given and shooting can recommence.

22. Every Member shall be issued with a copy of the Club Constitution/Safety Rules.

23. In the event of the Club being wound up and ceasing to exist the assets thereof shall be realised and after payment of the Club’s just debts and expenses the balance (if any) shall be distributed in such a manner as the majority of the members present at a General Meeting shall resolve.