Safety with any type of firearm is everyoneís responsibility. Shooting is one of the safest of all sports. The reason for this is that there are safety rules that MUST be observed at all times.

                                                       The two most fundamental of these are

Never point a gun at anyone

Always treat a gun as if it were loaded

The majority of the other rules arise from the application of these two rules in different circumstances.

Handling guns

  • When you get out your gun check it is unloaded and that it is not cocked
  • Show that the gun is unloaded before handing it to another person
  • When you put your gun away check it is unloaded and that it is not cocked. Never put a gun away that is loaded
  • When you are given a gun first check that it is unloaded and that it is not cocked. If you donít know how to, ask the owner
  • Never pick up a gun without the permission of the owner

Remember it is better to check your gun is unloaded 100 times too often than once not enough.

Operating the gun

  • Keep the gun pointing downrange when in use
  • Load the gun pointing downrange
  • If you are using break barrel rifles or underlevers where the breach could snap shut on you fingers, keep hold of the barrel/cocking lever when inserting the pellet

Moving around with guns

  • Never move between lanes with a loaded gun
  • When moving between lanes open the breach and remove any magazine from the rifle
  • When carrying a gun it must not be cocked, the breach must be open, the magazine removed and the gun carried vertically
  • Keep your gun in a case when it is not in use

Range commands

  • If you hear a single note on a whistle or the command STOP, stop immediately
  • Always obey instructions from the range officials immediately
  • Never go forward of the firing line without permission of the range official


  • Donít rely on safety catches to keep you or your companions safe
  • Donít attract peopleís attention when they are shooting as it may cause them to turn around
  • Observe all the usual safety rules when dry firing
  • Pets must kept under full control at all tmes and not allowed to run loose